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Free My Niggas Custom Banlist | Darudity's Custom Banlist

Post  Darudity on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:43 pm

This is my custom Banlist:

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Semi Limiting of Stratos increases consistency of the deck, but banning of Mask Change ensures HEROs -2 every time they change their masks, instead of -1.  

Unlimiting Norden lets you play him as much as you want, but limiting Instant Fusion reduces easy fields with Eidolons and Frightfurs, and easy Toadally Awesomes from HEROs.

Stormforth's semilimiting helps Monarchs' consistency a bit, but not as much as their peak. Allows them to have more power plays, but doesn't make them close to meta.

P Desires is semilimited to stop banish abuse and splashable plus ones.

Ulti-Cannahawk's Unlimiting helps the Rit Beast deck be slightly Tier 3. Gives them a fighting chance.

Omega hit is justified. It is the most annoying card in Yugioh, and the most splashable floating synchro.


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